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Hunting Kit

The hunting kit consists of:

  • Spears
  • Bow and Arrows
  • "Kieries" or Throwing sticks.

At first the blades of spears and arrows were of fire-hardened wood or bone but were later replaced by metal blades. They were sometimes covered with a layer of poison, e.g.: poison of snakes (Puff-adder or Cape Cobra) and vegetable poison (Euphorbia Sp.)

Arrows were carried in quivers made from animal skins, or shaped from branches of the Aloe Dichotoma.

The bows were made of a variety of strong but flexible wood like the Wild Olive and Karree. The bow string was made from gut or sinews.

Hunting Techniques

Early travellers who hunted with the Khoikhoi were impressed by their excellent tracking abilities and superb fieldcraft. Hunting techniques were adapted to the species of animal hunted.

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