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The Floral Kingdoms of the World

The world is divided into 6 floral kingdoms:

  • Holarctic Kingdom: 42%
  • Paleotropical Kingdom: 35%
  • Neotropical Kingdom: 14%
  • Australian Kingdom: 8%
  • Holantarctic Kingdom: 1%
  • Capensis: 0.04% (Cape Floral Kingdom)

The fynbos region covers a triangular area from Vanrhynsdorp north of the Cedarberg, to the Cape Peninsula and Boland mountains, then in an easterly direction to Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown. The prevailing climate is Mediterranean with cold wet winters and hot dry summers with strong south easterly winds. Further east, summer rainfall is experienced. The soil types where fynbos occurs are usually infertile, acid and coarse-grained. A typical terrain would be sandstone mountain ranges with valleys and shale flats and limestone outcrops. This is one of the explanations for the richness and diversity of the flora found in these areas.

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